About Boite Carre Inc.

Boite Carre is a 'square box' filled with a variety of activities, from lumber sales, to film making and website building. Take a look at our gorgeous cypress - pecky, sinker, tidewater, anitique, reclaimed, milled or green - at Dogtrot General Store. Dogtrot Lumber is the best for this specialty lumber.
When trying to expand markets for our internet cypress and specialty lumber business, we joined SecondLife.com (SL). After several years, we have become proficient "machinima" film makers … creating "avatar" based scenes, stories and music videos that are available to watch on Youtube.com and Vimeo.com (see sidebar for locations).

Second Life and Machinima:

Second Life (SL) is the oldest and most populated alternate virtual world in the internet.. a place where an individual can join for free, have an avatar of their choosing and design, and, in a real time 3D setting, interact with others, and create their own environments of almost unlimited variety. Past worlds, future worlds, flying, are all possibilities… that have already been tried in a myriad of ways.

More and more, as media outlets search for content, virtual world scenes and stories are being looked to as a source of content..whether for series, commercials or films. Films created in SL are called "machinima", and a substantial network of machinima film makers exist in SL, whose work is getting recognized for its artistry and other production values among the virtual and real world community.

Major universities, world-known film-makers and others are involved, and several international film competitions and showcases include machinima. Among these, in just the past year, are the Shanghai 2010 International Worlds Fair, the 48Hour world-wide film makers competition, and many others.

Our goal is to create machinima stories and video that will be used in commercial broadcasting, and assemble a group of able, creative artists to participate in our production and distribution programs for these unique works. We hope to be a catalyst in bringing attention to this new art form, and to create opportunities for it to be viewed in various venues and formats.

Our lumber complies with LEED green building rating system requirements!

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